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Terms and Conditions

HULATICS Terms & Conditions


The aim of the HULATICS classes are to provide all participants with the knowledge and skills to enable them to partake in HULATICS sessions safely.


All exercises are designed to enable parts to experience different levels of intensity and duration of activities. As with all exercise, HULATICS sessions carry an element of risk. Therefore, it is important that you understand you may experience some bruising or burn and feel slightly achy for the days following the HULATICS fitness class. Using precautionary techniques such as proper warm ups and cool downs, we aim to minimize those risks and with continued practice your body will become conditioned to the movements involved. If while practicing the practical elements of the course, you feel excessive pain or discomfort, please stop doing the activity concerned and notify your instructor immediately. 


All Classes


Please notify your class instructor if you have sustained any injuries, illnesses or medical conditions or if you feel there are parts of the practical training elements you are unable to take part in – participation is completely voluntary. All information given to your instructor is completely private and confidential under data protection legislation. Please ask as many questions as possible during your class.


By participating in these classes, or allowing your child to do so, you acknowledge and understand the nature of physical activities, you understand accidents and/or physical injury may occur. You agree to participate at your own risk. You agree to release and hold harmless All Parties Involved Including HULATICS, The Chicago Park District, including any and all staff members from any cause of action, claims, or demands now and in the future. You will not hold HULATICS as a whole or its staff liable for any personal injury, catastrophic injury or any personal property damage or loss, which may occur on the premises before, during or after classes.

HULATICS classes are intended for participants aged 18 and up. Participants under 18 must be accompanied by a parent and/or guardian.

HULATICS reserves the right to substitute classes and/or class instructors.

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