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HULATICS 7 Day Mind-Body Juice Cleanse

HULATICS 7 Day Mind-Body Juice Cleanse

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Cleansing is more than clean eating. It may start with food,  but is most effective when cleansing permeates  your mind & spirit. What makes this cleanse different than other cleanses? You will not only be given a blueprint on how to nuture your body for 7 days, but also a guide on moving beyond mental blocks while fostering mindfulness.  This comprehensive 7 day cleanse includes original juice recipes, activities, writing prompts, etc., intentionally designed to leave you feeling lighter,  rewarded & renewed. Here's everything you need to cleanse your entire sacred vessel. Give yourself what your body needs and what you deserve.



  • Eliminate excess waste your body has been carrying around making you feel heavy (Remember, death begins in the colon!)
  • Alleviate brain fog
  • Gain mental clarity
  • Feel lighter, healthier & happier
  • Feel more balanced and more like yourself



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