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the oG hulatic

Creator of HULATICS, Aneesah Imani Ali

A Chicago bred Hulatic, instead of double dutch, Aneesah and her sister grew up hula hooping. Her fitness journey is inspired by her lifelong studies of health, nutrition, and wellness. After trying just about every workout, she longed for one that was fun (no, like really fun) and that would keep her fit. When it didn't exist, she created HULATICS. 

Energetic, fun, and ambitious, Aneesah is a lover of dance, music and movement. Her goal is to get the world excited about working out, while having so much fun. Her lifelong goal is holistic growth and self-preservation while inspiring others to be their best selves through self-expression and freedom. When she's not spinning in a hoop, she loves modeling, cooking lavish meals for family and friends, music production, burning candles, concerts, interior decorating,and boxing. 



Meet Aneesah Imani Ali, Creator of HULATICS, Inc.


The Story Behind the Hoop

One day Aneesah was hula hooping in the mirror to her favorite playlist, having the time of her life, when she had an epiphany, “ I’ve never had this much fun working out!” Right then, she decided that she had to share it  with the world. She'd always loved hula hooping and had started incorporating hooping into her workout regimen once a day. Everyone, including  herself, noticed that her waistline was shrinking rapidly, just from hooping 10-20 minutes.

Over the next few weeks she created a full body workout that changed her life. She easily became obsessed with hula hooping----so much that her sister declared her a "Hulatic".


Aneesah's HULATIC Glow Up


To inspire the world to live lives of fun, passion, prosperity, freedom, and great health.

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